February 1, 2024

Social Media Predictions for 2024: Ep. 44 of the Red Sky Fuel for Thought Podcast

by brady.lovett in News

In this month’s episode of the “Red Sky Fuel for Thought” podcast, host Lara Graulich, merged media account executive at HAVAS Red is joined by Redsters Nancy Anderson, SVP, social and content, and Audrey Arbogast, associate vice president, to discuss our Red Sky Predictions 2024 surrounding social media and influencers. 

Together, they time travel, jumping back to analyze HAVAS Red’s 2023 predictions and then looking forward to those in 2024. The goal: to help prepare brand communicators to tackle the virtual landscape ahead.  

Nancy explores how our 2023 predictions came to life, covering topics such as TikTok as a recruitment method and how reactive content can be used to insert brands into cultural conversation. When looking to 2024 trends, Nancy breaks down how social media managers will use AI to fuel social strategy and content creation and reduce workload.  

Audrey, our resident influencer guru, gives us the lowdown on our 2024 influencer predictions, focused on the “minfluencer,” aka the next generation of young influencers: Generation Alpha. Audrey covers how the minfluencers have already begun to take over the social landscape and the potential impact these mini tastemakers can have on brands. Importantly, Audrey also highlights the legal considerations brands must take when it comes to working with children online.  

As you create your social plans for 2024, consider us your trends barometer. Read up on our Red Sky Predictions 2024 to help you navigate 2024’s volatile communications landscape.  

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