January 24, 2024


by Ellen Barnes in News

Welcome to the “Superhuman” era. It’s a world where consumers have more tools at their fingertips than ever before, and thanks to advances in AI, diagnostics, health products and more, their bodies are becoming ripe for not just optimization, but super optimization. It’s an era not of aging well but aging backwards. Of not maintaining health but elevating it. Of being not just fit, but taking note from services and metrics that professional athletes use, and using tools, platforms, sensors and new consumer services to prevent and preempt health issues, not manage them. 

HAVAS has unveiled an inaugural study that dives into this shift among consumers, particularly millennials, who are actively optimizing their health in innovative new ways. We’ve dubbed this the Superhuman era of total wellness.  

The Superhuman era is all encompassing — a lens through which every facet of our lives is being optimized. We’ve seen it become prevalent in four key areas:  

  1. Resilience Tech — that is, tech used to simultaneously prevent harm to and protect the 

environment in a variety of ways, such as purifying air or water to ward off pollution.  

  1. Super Optimization — referring to the bevy of new tools, medical treatments, and gym concepts supercharging consumers into athletes.  
  1. Home Health HQ — looking at how the home is becoming a wellness ecosystem in its own right.  
  1. Welltainment℠ — referring to how health, streaming platforms, culture and entertainment are blending in new ways to make health content educational and accessible to all, pioneering health equity in the process. 

In this new Superhuman era, health and wellness is expanding into every consumer vertical. The historically staid world of healthcare is being transformed by a health-obsessed generation that demands and expects healthcare to have the same look, feel and convenience as everything else they use. Every brand is now a health brand and traditional healthcare companies are competing with the biggest consumer brands in the world as they invest in wellness as a key differentiator.  

DOWNLOAD the full report to learn more about the super-optimized, tech-advanced, ultra-human future of health. And check out our 2024 PREDICTIONS, one specifically on women’s well-being in the workplace moving to the forefront.