February 22, 2024

HAVAS Red AU CEO Shane Russell Speaks On The Inner Chief Podcast

by Ellen Barnes in News

In a new episode of “The Inner Chief” podcast, host Greg Layton spoke to the CEO of HAVAS Red AUShane Russell, on how to avoid PR disasters by crafting campaigns that build your company brand and customer engagement, and the ever-changing media landscape.

In a 20+ year PR career that has spanned both Australia and the United States, Shane has a track record for leading high-growth teams and brands that aren’t afraid of taking creative risks.

In this episode, Shane talks with Greg about:

  • His early years in the PR world and how he strived to be a person of value with some incredibly famous individuals
  • Taking the plunge by selling everything and moving to New York
  • How not to stuff up a PR campaign while still standing for causes that are important to you, and
  • The rapid pace of change in the media world and how to keep adapting.

Listen to the episode HERE.