January 16, 2024

Red Sky Predictions 2024

by Ellen Barnes in News, White Papers

8 Predictions for Communicators on the Cutting Edge

Like it or not, it was chaos that defined 2023. It was even our agency’s Word of the Year. In the wake of a global pandemic, we were walloped again and again by climate disasters, wars, mass shootings, humanitarian crises, economic upheaval, and social and political turmoil.

Once upon a time, brands wouldn’t have been expected to have a perspective on any of these mat-ters. Now, they are. And our job as communicators is to help brands expertly navigate this volatility. Our annual predictions are designed to help you do this — to find the order in the chaos and the solutions within the problems.

Our eight predictions explore the evolution of brand storytelling, curiosity as a competitive advantage, the perils of personalization, the fate of corporate purpose, the collective anger of the 2020s, the belated prioritization of women’s health, the debut of the “minfluencer” and the impact of generative AI on social media. We expect these predictions to impact everything from consumption behaviors to sociopolitical priorities to brand strategies in the coming 12 months and beyond.