UNDENIABLE PASSION: Redsters solve problems with smiles on our faces, knowing we will get there together. As partners who truly care, we bring an energy and camaraderie that’s positively contagious through every touchpoint with our colleagues and clients.

FEARLESS AMBITION: We built our own brand from the bottom up and love looking at our clients the same way. Their business is our business, allowing us to ask the tough questions and get under the skin of a brand. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we seek inspiration in unexpected places and industries, and from everyone we encounter.

INCREDIBLE IDEAS: Neither hierarchy nor ego are invited to our brainstorm sessions. To give our clients an unfair advantage, we go beyond the brief every single time. There, we free ourselves to find those ideas that cut through the clutter, cross channels and change minds.

Our culture

Havas Red culture sets our people up for success, encourages them to choose courage over comfort, execute with excellence, be in balance, act with care and instill inclusivity into our everyday. During the global shift to a hybrid workplace, we created a new range of initiatives and events to keep employees engaged and support their well-being. These include three additional PTO days over the summer, delayed-start Mondays or early-finish Fridays, and a “Redjuvenation” hour each week to rejuvenate and actively improve physical or mental health. Redsters also receive free mental health and wellness support programs and helplines, including complimentary access to the Headspace app and free counseling services.

Passion for meaning and purpose

Havas Red’s global programs are made to turn pledges into progress. We’re committed to sustainability with a focus on climate. We’re #ALLIN on diversity, equity and conclusion. And as a certified B Corp, we believe in balancing purpose and profit.

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