March 22, 2024

Returning to the Metaverse: Episode 46 of the Red Sky Fuel for Thought Podcast  

by Ellen Barnes in News

Is the Metaverse still relevant to brand marketers? This month we answer that very question. When Meta launched its Metaverse, the virtual universe felt unbaked to many comms professionals. Promises of unimaginable audience connection were put back into the oven indefinitely. However, these promises shouldn’t be left in too long to burn…  

Lara Graulich, a HAVAS Red account executive based in London, interviewed Umbar Shakir, partner of experience, digital and A.I. at Gate One, and Sabrina George, CMO and executive producer at Xcyte Digital Corporation. 

In a two-part series on the Metaverse, Lara speaks first with Umbar, who gives us an introduction to the Metaverse in part 1. In part 2, Sabrina drives it home, covering how brand marketers can use the Metaverse to their advantage and what caution brands should take before jumping in.  

Red Sky Fuel for Thought” is a monthly podcast produced by HAVAS Red, examining emerging themes relevant to brand communicators and marketers.