November 9, 2022

Red Havas Spain General Manager Ana Picó Talks Purpose, Sustainability and ESG

by William Turner in News

Greenwashingno longer works, and that is why we encourage companies to evolve to greenthinking,” says Ana Picó, general manager of Red Havas in Spain, in a new interview with that covers the launch of our Red Impact offering.  

The global Red Impact practice brings together Red Havas’ environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) expertise and capabilities from across the world. As Ana explains, it’s our micronetwork’s answer to increasing demand for global approaches to purpose-driven strategic communications. 

“Honestly we’re delighted with the positive reaction that the launch of Red Impact has had in all markets, reinforcing the idea among our clients and the market in general that purpose is at the heart of any organization, including ours,” says Ana. “And of course, we must also bear in mind that the launch of Red Impact formalizes the work we’ve been developing for more than 40 years in Red Havas with campaigns based on purpose, sustainability and ESG.” 

Read Ana’s interview in full here