May 4, 2023

PRWeek: Red Havas Expands Its Executive Branding Practice Globally

by Ellen Barnes in News

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NEW YORK: Red Havas has taken Peaks, its executive branding service, global. 

Peaks is designed to help C-suite leaders develop a personal brand that’s authentic, compelling and aligned with their corporate identity, according to a Red Havas statement. 

The offering will assist senior leaders with social media strategy, identifying the right public speaking opportunities and charity and nonprofit board involvement recommendations. 

James Wright, global chairman of the Havas PR Global Collective, said via email that, “to be an effective steward of your brand today,” executives must have the skills and confidence to address the key issues that matter to their stakeholders and communities. 

“The expectation of brands has shifted. They are expected to take positions on these issues and are being held accountable for living by their corporate values and purpose,” he said, adding that pressure comes particularly from employees. 

Red Havas originally debuted Peaks in North America in 2013, but the service has expanded due to side effects of COVID-19. EVP Linda Descano will lead Peaks globally, with Wright acting as a consultant for some CEOs.

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