The Challenge

Durex’s Sextember project was born as an initiative to stimulate a broader reflection on the concept of sexual wellness. To idea was that to experience sexuality to the fullest, we must talk about sex more — and with more people. The campaign was launched on September 1. That’s when Red Havas Italy introduced the activities and the manifesto that guides each initiative, including a dedicated website. The first Sextember is over, but Durex’s commitment continues. The brand continues to foster a culture of a safe, conscious, happy sexuality.  

The Solution

We took action to educate on the subject of sexuality, distributing educational kits in 1,200 pharmacies and select partners of large retailers. We also provided concrete support — clinical or psychological — to all those who requested it, offering a free video consultation service by doctors and psychotherapists from Centro Medico Santagostino. In Milan, support was also offered by setting up a camper with a psychologist on board available to anyone who wanted a consultation.

The Results

Durex spread the message to Italians: More than 22 million people have been reached through TV (2 TV reports), newspapers (more than 410 articles) and news sites.
On social media, educational and informative content was dedicated to sexual wellness — promoting love, dialogue, protection and respect. Social efforts directly involved people who were able to address doubts and questions with doctors and experts.