November 16, 2023

Trends in Climate and Sustainability Reporting: Ep. 42 of Red Sky Fuel for Thought Podcast

by brady.lovett in News

In this month’s episode of the “Red Sky Fuel for Thought” podcast, Ryan Kisiel, partner and head of Sustain at H/Advisors Maitland, joins host Linda Descano, CFA®, EVP, Havas Red, to discuss trends in climate and sustainability disclosures and reporting, and implications for how brands and businesses communicate internally and externally about these topics in 2024.  

2023 has marked another year of climate and sustainability in the spotlight. There’s been continued — if not increasing — scrutiny on whether brands and businesses are actually following through with their pledges, particularly around climate and net-zero, and whether there are real data and actionable plans behind those pledges.

In many countries, the push for mandatory disclosures has gained momentum during this period. Back in July, the European Commission adopted the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), standardizing how companies within the European Union report climate change and other ESG-related actions. Meanwhile, in the U.S., where policy on climate disclosures remains in limbo, the state of California has taken matters into its own hands, signing into law the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, known as SB-253, which has implications well beyond companies operating in California.

Red Sky Fuel for Thought“ is a monthly podcast produced by Havas Red, examining emerging themes relevant to brand communicators and marketers. 

Note: This H/Advisors’ article was referenced in the podcast: “California sets the standard for mandatory carbon disclosures”

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